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January 2010


keep it quiet, keep it cool


[en]Hi everyone! How are you? Today, finally, Milan is filled with sunshine. Car usage is also restricted, and it’s beautiful to move through the city in an almost complete silence (i have a GPL car so I CAN DRIVE :P)!!
These photos were taken yesterday just after lunch. I went to Panino Giusto with my boyfriend and then we did some shooting in this fabulous angle of the city. Near the end a little dog approached us while running from his owner and he literally jumped on me, how cute is it?

The day before yesterday I went to the cinema with Chiara and our boyfriends to see “Tra le nuvole”, the new movie with George Clooney. You definitely have to see it, it is very thought-provoking plus it features some magnificent views of american cities from the sky, which made me think I really can’t wait to catch my plane and be in the US!

Now I have to focus on studying, I can’t seem to concentrate in these last days and I don’t know how I will be able to pass my cinema exam if I don’t push myself really hard! Do you still have exams to take or are you lucky, free-from-hassle guys?[/en]
I was wearing:

  • Dress by Pull and Bear
  • Jacket by Brandy
  • Flats by Les Lolitas
  • Rings by H&M
  • Sack by Chanel



[en]How to recognize a shoeaholic? She puts shoes in the fridge instead of food. She drinks from shoes and she eats shoes.

Hi! Today i wanted to show you some photos exposing my biggest addiction: shoes. I was joking with my boyfriend about how much i love them, and we came up with this idea. I hope you like them!

As I wrote on facebook, I really need an advice: I had extension for about one year and i loved them so bad, long hair are amazing in my opinion! Then I removed them just to let my hair relax a bit. Now i am struggling: extensions again or natural hair?
Look at these pictures and, please, give me your advices: with extension or without them
Thank you guys!!![/en]
I was wearing:

  • T-shirt by Zara man
  • Belt by Pull and bear
  • Jeans by Brandy
  • Home boots by Oysho

quiet, cold, late january


[en]Hello guys, how is it going? I’m so happy these days, yesterday my boyfriend finally booked the tickets to California! We’ll be there from February 15th to March 1st and I really can’t wait!

We’ll get to go to Las Vegas and San Francisco too from Los Angeles, and I believe there couldn’t be a better way to celebrate his birthday and one year together. Have you got any suggestions, places I have to see there or cool things to do?

However, sorry for the digression, my enthusiasm is taking me over! We took these pictures yesterday, at Parco di Porta Venezia. It was the first sunny day after more than a week of clouds, rain and even snow! I hope you enjoy them![/en]
I was wearing:

  • Fur jacket by Zara
  • Jeans by Zara
  • T-shirt by H&M
  • Vintage chanel bag
  • Earmuffs by accessorize

they call me quiet girl, but I'm a riot


[en]Hello sweet guys. I have to admit that this post is the result of a clash between my boyfriend and I. We have very different taste about almost everything, and when he’s fond of some pictures of me, you can be sure I won’t like them at all!

We all know that we, girls, can be stubborn and headstrong when we want, and nobody can even begin to change our minds! Therefore, as soon as I saw these pictures I thought “Awww how ugly am I here?”. I bet my boyfriend was disappointed, he liked them so much I almost didn’t know how to tell him that instead I didn’t.

I didn’t want to call into question his photographing abilities, he’s been amazing as always, I just wanted to to publish photos i actually liked myself in. So we came to a compromise, i removed some of the photos he had chosen and published the others anyway.
What do you think? who was right about these shots? ;)[/en]
I was wearing:

  • Vintage jacket bought in Portobello, London
  • Red simple dress by H&M
  • Wedge heels by Mauro Giuli
  • Sack by Chanel
  • My gradma’s vintage gold bracelets

this grey green city


[en]Hello my beloved ones, as I promised, this is a “completion” of the previous post. In fact, as you can see from the pictures, I was dressed almost in the same way.

Yesterday morning I took a break off studying and I went for a walk with my bf in this park, called Parco Guastalla. It is very close to my high school and when I was younger I used to spend a lot of time there, talking or studying with my friends.

In these days I’m quite busy because I’m studying for my next exam, cinema history and criticism. It could seem easy but it’s really not. i have to memorize about 900 pages about history of cinema from its birth to nowadays! Wish me good luck guys![/en]
I was wearing:

  • Jacket with decorated straps by Zara
  • Vintage red shirt
  • Platform sandals by Zara
  • Vintage bag by Gucci
  • Fingerless gloves by Piumelli
  • White coat by Zara

friends on rails


[en]Hello my beloved ones, yesterday I went to Porta Genova with my boyfriend and one of my dearest friends, Mattia. As soon as we arrived in the place we chose for our photo shoot, it was already dark.

Therefore this is only a “short post” with a few pictures, waiting for the bigger one that i’ll publish tomorrow. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy these photos! See you tomorrow and have an amazing Saturday night![/en]
I was wearing:

  • Jacket with decorated straps by Zara
  • Mini black dress by American Apparel
  • Sandals by Zara
  • White tights by Calzedonia
  • Balenciaga city bag
  • Leather gloves
  • Perfume eau de merveilles by Hermes

feel your nocturnal spirit


[en]Yesterday we tried for the first time a shoot by night. it was pretty hard because it was freaking cold outside, and yellow streetlamps’ light doesn’t help photography.

However, we managed to find some beautiful spots near Bicocca. They were completely deserted, so we had all the time and space needed to set up the shooting.

The wind, also, didn’t help. It made a flash stand fall to the ground, breaking a reflective umbrella and almost hitting a man who was passing by! LOL. I guess it’s not the right time of the year for such things!

the resulting photos aren’t the best i published here, but i hope you like them anyway. next time, we’ll try harder and hope for better conditions!

I want to thank Trend and the city for publishing an interview about me here![/en]
I was wearing:

  • White silk dress by Topshop
  • Leather jacket by Alcott
  • Fur waistcoat by H&M
  • Over the knee boots bought in Alassio

pois in black and white


[en]Yesterday I decided to take some b&w pictures with my boyfriend and I immediately thought of my shoulder pad dress which, in my opinion, fits very well with black and white :)

We went to piazza Sant’Alessandro, a quiet place behind the well-travelled via Torino. Realizing I would fit well in an eighties movie dressed this way, we tried to create a clash between the old looking outfit and modern, detailed, bright and contrasted photos. I think we’ve managed to reach our goal, don’t we?

I also tried for the first time the false eyelashes by Shu Uemura, as I said yesterday in this post about them. I think they make your eyes more expressive and your whole look more glamorous. I love them!

I also wore polka tights, a must for this season. I also love american apparel heart tights, if I have a chance i’m soon gonna buy them! In the next and last pictures you’ll see my leopard print gloves.. they are soo ridiculous and they made my boyfriend laugh a lot![/en]
I was wearing:

  • Shoulder padded dress customized by myself
  • Ankle boots by Zara customized with studs by myself
  • Polka tights by Girardi
  • Shoulder padded jacket by Brandy
  • Leopard print gloves by H&M
  • Chanel bag
  • False eyelashes by Shu Uemura
  • Perfume eau de merveilles by Hermes

false eyelashes


[en]False eyelashes were very common between the fourties and the sixties. Then, for a while, they were only used by lap dancers and drag queens. Nowadays, instead, pop stars and celebrities won’t be seen without a pair of them!

I found this pretty girl called Ambra while browsing my facebook buddies. She has lots of amazing false eyelashes and she often wears them as a completion of her looks! Moreover, all of her outfits are very nice and original!
False eyelashes so can be used as a pale extension of our natural lashes or, as we can see in these pictures, as a way to make our looks much more peculiar!

In my opinion, Shu Uemura is absolutely the best brand of false eyelashes. It has “a collection of lashes that momentarily transform your eyes to stimulate your creativity and dramatize your look”. You can see them all on Shu Uemura’s site.

So, what is your opinion about false eyelashes? Have you ever tried them? I wore them for the first time today, for a b&w photo shoot that you’ll see tomorrow on my blog and they looked very nice indeed!!!!

I want to thank Ambra for letting me publish her photos on my blog and to also thank Demetra, the founder of Pigchic for publishing an interview about me here![/en]


I eat fashion for breakfast


[en]Since I was a child, i’ve been addicted to fashion. I used to organize little fashion shows with my friends stealing dresses from my mom’s wardrobe!

Fashion is part of our life and we use it to express ourselves. People, through our clothes, could understand a little part of us before we say a word.
I’m very happy about this photo shoot, I think this is one of my best ever. It expresses myself. There I am. There’s my vision of fashion: a mix of energy, aggressiveness and determination.

I wanna thank again my boyfriend, you can’t imagine how lovely he is. He always helps me to realize my ideas with love and patience. And he doesn’t do things just to do them. He always wants to improve himself and to get better. Thank you, my love.[/en]
I was wearing:

  • Gloria-V bodysuit by American Apparel
  • Sequin shorts by H&M
  • Chanel inspired blazer by Zara

vintage leopard


[en]Some days I wake up and I feel like trying something new, different from my usual clothing, and yesterday morning I felt vintage / aggressive. I really don’t know if I like the outcome!

Both fur and leopard print clothes are a must of this season and i even read on vogue that in the coming summer we will have fur accessories, not usually matched with the hot weather :)

I went with my boyfriend near via Torino, in one of the countless alleys. There were several people spectating, some of them even astonished! I guess here in Italy we’re not used to photoshoots in the street..[/en]
I was wearing:

  • Vintage fur
  • Vintage dress with tied ribbon
  • Sandals by H&M
  • Spotted collant by Calzedonia
  • Monogram Mini Lin Speedy Bag by Louis Vuitton

What do you think? Do you like this type of “aggressive” outfit


car washing


[en]Two days ago I’ve accompanied my boyfriend to get his car washed. I love spending time with him, even when we do nothing extraordinary. Click on “read the rest of this post” for more photos and details!

We enjoyed an amazing sunset and i couldn’t resist from taking pictures of this place!

I decided to make some b&w shots opposed to the coloured previous photos and I love the result! The smoke wich comes up from the floor reminds me of some old films scenes.

My clothes wasn’t particularly refined. Black is my favourite colour and my first choise when I don’t know what to put on.[/en]
I was wearing:

  • Wollen jacket with gold buttons by brandy
  • Mini striped dress by zara
  • Black patent leather Dr Martens
  • Red bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs (my bf gave me it as a x-mas gift from America

new sunglasses by a-morir


[en]Well, here we are again, winter is still long but we need a fresh approach to spring! Click on “read the rest of this post” for more photos and details!

Kerin Rose set up a-morir about a year ago and all her sunglasses are hand made with premium materials.
In the previous pictures you can see the new collection which I absolutely adore. All of these glasses can be worn with the chain in front of your face, behind your head, or as a necklace when indoors and all of them have about 600 hand applied swarovski crystals.

When we think of a-morir sunglasses they suddenly remind us of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Rihanna wearing them and in the last photos you can see the most viewed models. The first one are called “sabotage sunglasses” and they have their sides covered with giant black diamond swarovski crystals. The second one instead are called “barracuda” and they’re completely covered in hand-painted and hand-distressed pyramid studs…and yes! you can also see trought them! :) I personally don’t like these models but how couldn’t i write about them here?

Moving away from sunglasses we can see this adorable necklace. Its price is about 100$ and you can buy all these items in a-morir website

Love them or hate them. No middle ways.

I wanna thank so bad my best friend Chiara for mentioning me on her amazing blog. If you still don’t know her, she’s[/en]


high heels and lace tights


[en]Yesterday I headed to Navigli with my boyfriend for a photo shoot and, though the weather wasn’t that good, I truly love the final result! Click on “read the rest of this post” for more photos and details!

I really love this place, it reminds me of the old town atmosphere, with its small arch bridges and its ancient buildings mirrored in the canal.

Yesterday I felt like wearing these high heels, I’m not used to wear heels during the day but I found these shoes easy to walk and they didn’t hurt my feet at all.

Before getting in this place we tried to make some photos in a field but it was full of mod and my heels completely sank in it as you can see from these last pictures!

Before heading back home we went to American Apparel where I bought an amazing bodysuit that you’ll see in my next posts!
I wanna thank again again and again my boyfriend who helps me everytime, stands me everytime, loves me just the way I am.[/en]
I was wearing:

  • Wollen overcoat by Zara
  • Mini dress by American Apparel
  • Lace tights by H&M
  • Black python heels by Zara
  • Studded bag by Urban Outfitters