3° day of Lisbon fashion week

- March 13, 2012 by Veronica Ferraro - 67 Comments


[en]The third day of the ModaLisboa begun with the Valentim Quaresma fashion show and his wonderful accessories, made with special materials which create metal sculptures of art and fashion.

The Os Burgueses fashion show is made with elements from the 1980’s, and creates its own vision of hip, modern, casual wear for Winter 2013. Big shoulders and decorative zippers adorn pieces that easily translate from café to nightclub. Short leather skirts are paired with short leather jackets.

The next show was Daniele Dinis. With Himalayan influences, Dinis pulls the man off the mountain and puts him on the street. It is a rugged adventurer look with Tibetan influences that are ideal for navigating the modern urban grid.

For Winter 2013, Maria Gambina gives us “Otherness”, a collection with the intent of keeping us fashionable while we navigate the urban jungle. To protect us in our everyday city life, she gives us warrior like garments with hockey styling.

The next fashion show was the one by Poland guest designer Piotr Drzal, who makes his MODALisboa debut with an eclectic silhouette. Imagine business wear and football gear deconstructed and rearranged again. Coats are less restrictive, padded in new ways and made of nylon. Shirts are constructed using cuts and panels. Casual coordinates match sweaters with hats, long shorts or pants, and occasionally knee socks.

For Winter 2013 Miguel Vieira, instead, reaches back to the early 20th century Portugal for inspiring classical looks of sophistication and refinement. In his “Dressing Fado”, Vieira reinterprets the elegance of privileged society, with a traditional collection of business, yacht club and formal attire for men and women.

The 1924 George & Ira Gershwin tune ”The Man I Love” is the inspiration for Nuno Baltazar. It is a starting point for his exploration of the female condition and its many contrasts. Baltazar reinterprets the lyrics, the period and the emotion for the modern woman, creating a collection of demi-couture looks in casual wear that are cosmopolitan, feminine and sophisticated.

The last fashion show of the day was the one by Nuno Gama. His collection dispenses of styling gimmicks and focuses on his core strengths, tailoring exquisite masculine menswear from fine quality materials. Blazers and suits are cut short and lean. Overcoats and jackets cinch or button up to fit the body; fox fur collars frame the face in warmth.

I hope you like the outfit that I chose for this day..and I wish you a wonderful Tuesday :)[/en]

[it]Il terzo giorno della ModaLisboa è iniziato con la sfilata di Valentim Quaresma e le sue “sculture metalliche” che uniscono la moda all’arte in una splendida armonia.

A seguire la collezione Os Burgueses, che gli stilisti definiscono un “viaggio” di tessuti e di strutture diverse.

Per continuare ecco la collezione di Daniele Dinis, dove si mescolano stili e personaggi, con influenze Hymalayane mischiate a tratti urban. Si passa infatti dai monaci tibetani ai giocatori di baseball, il tutto creato utilizzando tessuti riciclati e riadattati a questa collezione.

Si prosegue poi con Maria Gambina e la sua collezione urban jungle ispirata all’hockey e costruita su tinte vivaci e giochi geometrici.

Si prosegue poi con la collezione di Piotr, un guest designer polacco, che arricchisce la settimana della moda di Lisbona con le sue silhouette eclettiche e abbinando capi classici a capi sportivi ispirati al football. Le gonne sono costruite con tagli e pannelli. Grande utilizzo di cappelli, pantaloncini lunghi e calze alzate fino al ginocchio.

Un ritorno agli anni ’20 per la collezione di Miguel Vieira, che si ispira all’uomo sofisticato dell’alta società del tempo. Anche la donna di Nuno Baltazar è d’ispirazione anni ’20. Sofisticata e classica e ricca di contrasti. Infine l’uomo di Nuno Gama è classico nei suoi overcoats decorati con colli di pelo finto. Contemporaneo e cospomolita.

Spero che vi piaccia l’outfit che ho scelto. Buona giornata a tutti![/it]

I was wearing:

  • Dress by Zara
  • Jacket no brands bought in Paris
  • Shoes by Zara
  • Necklace by Asos
  • Clutch by Chanel