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Hi everyone!


Here we are with the third and final post for Canon “come and see” project.


This time I want to show you a side of me that I didn’t think could exist until a year ago: despite my Instagram full of photos of sweets and various delights (I love food in general!)during this last year I’ve been paying a lot of attention to food. But let’s start from the


beginning. ..


It all started in January 2014! After an entire year of take away food at least three times a week, no sport and constant complaints about my shape, I decided to do something about it!


Unfortunately I don’t have an excellent metabolism, If don’t eat properly for a certain period of time I’m certainly putting on weight really fast (Unlike my mother, who can eat anything and stay as perfect as always! Why not me!?!?)


What did I do? First of all, I went to a nutritionist who prescribed me a precise diet that, after a while, I decided to complete with the help of melarossa, in order to change up the menu a little bit. In 2/3 months I lost 6 Kg.


I used to go to the gym at least two times a week making exercises that turned out to be completely wrong for me. I was loosing weight but I wasn’t satisfied with my physical shape yet.


This is why I asked Mauro, a personal trainer that I met at the gym, for some help. From that moment my training has become much more structured and organized and within two months I started to see some improvements (especially for arms and legs).


It took me almost one year to write this post because I needed some time to collect all my experiences. Of course I’m no nutritionist or personal trainer, therefore I’ll simply give you some tips that I proved to be effective for me:


1. Set a REASONABLE goal! When starting a diet it’s really useful to know how much we


want to lose and how long will it take. Is it possible to lose 5 Kg in a week? Maybe! Is it


healthy? I don’t think so, especially if you want the effects to last.


Therefore, set a reasonable goal considering your body shape and structure, there are plenty


of apps and website that could help you with this part, but remember not to exaggerate!


Consider that 1kg per week is more than acceptable and also remember that the more you are


close to your ideal weight, the harder will be to lose weight (even 3 hectograms a week can be


a very good result).


2. Find the right day to start: It’s not really believable to start a diet on the 23rd of


December! Select a period that is not to stressful and make sure you’ll sleep at least 8


hours a day. Sleep is very important for our body especially if we are on a diet. I


started on January 7th after enjoying all the food of Christmas and New Year! :D


3. Ask a specialist for advice: body shapes, needs, habits and daily food requirements can


be very different from person to person. My advice is to consult an expert, even once,


to find out what your real needs are and make your weight loss much easier.


4. Drink at least 2/3 litres of water per day (30 ml per Kg of body weight). Do not


overlook this point because it’s ESSENTIAL in order to get good results!


5. YES to white meat, fish, raw or steamed vegetables, pasta, brown rice, low-fat cheese,


yogurt, fruit, eggs (sparingly), food containing fibres (cereals, legumes etc..). Also


remember to eat blueberries and berries in general to help your circulation.


NO to sodas and sugary drinks, alcohol, cooked oil, salt, fried food, canned food, and


many more.. But You’ll know it already ;) try to go with simple cooking (grilled or


steamed) . Saturated fats (animal fats and some cheeses) are the ones to avoid more!


6. I always try to eat 5 times a day (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, snack, dinner).


Breakfast is very important. As you can see in the photos I usually have two slices of


wheat bread with honey and fruit, a glass of milk with protein (if I go to the gym), a


glass of juice and a coffee. For snack I always carry around a protein bar (if I train)


some biscuits or a fruit.


7. Take exceptions! Once or twice a week I allow myself a pizza, sushi or one of those


desserts that I like to put on Instagram ! 


8. Take as a model tonic and healthy bodies… remember, “Healthy is the new skinny!”


9. Take a picture at the beginning of your experience. Luckily I’ve lost mine! But I


remember how I was and I’m very happy with the results I achieved although there is


still a lot of work to be done!


10. Weigh once a week, at the same time, preferably in the morning before breakfast.


11. There can be no diet without a good workout. I train four times a week.


On Monday I focus on the legs (squats and lunges are the main exercises)


On Tuesday I do weights for the arms (lat machine, lateral raises, French press, etc…)


On Thursday, CARDIO (mainly running);


On Friday, circuit for breast, abs and legs.


This is just a summary but, if you are interested in learning more, I’ll be more specific.


12. Do not give up if you don’t see any result right away, it takes time, perseverance and




And now I’ll leave you to the photos, all made with the brand new Canon 7D.


Good day!

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  • Reply Natali 29/12/2014 at 10:04

    Fantastic and uplifting post! Thank you for sharing these photos and tips, they’re a great motivator!


  • Reply Adele 29/12/2014 at 10:37

    Great post Veronica! I’ve always been into health & fitness, it’s so important for a healthy mind & body.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Reply Mademoiselle Rania 29/12/2014 at 14:57

    Dear Veronica,
    The results in your body are more than obvious. In less than a year, you managed to lose weight in a healthy way (emphasis) and acquire a healthy (emphasis again) and well-shaped body. The most apparent and positive result, however, is your self-confidence. I personal believe that the two reasons for a person to lose weight are: a) health; b) how its body makes it feel. And you seem to have been motivated by both!
    Well done, I am happy for you!
    Many kisses from mademoiselle-rania.blogspot.com
    PS. I just started my new blog a month ago and I would really love to hear/read what you think of it!

  • Reply ivanasworld 29/12/2014 at 21:30

    Really great post :)

  • Reply Gilda De La Cruz 15/08/2016 at 05:32

    Congratulations Veronica! I am truly inspired. Thank you for sharing your story and tips. I love Milan and your pictures bring me memories and make me feel there. I am a big fan! Keep up the good work

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