day two in Siena

- January 11, 2010 by Veronica Ferraro - 25 Comments


[en]The last day of 2009, taking advantage of the truce rain has given us, we did a brief photoshoot in Piazza del Campo, Siena. Click on “read the rest of this post” for more photos and details!

You can see behind me that they we’re preparing to celebrate that night, so Piazza del Campo was full of booths and work in progress. I took with me my new Chanel sack too!

Finally I was able to wear a fringed body I bought in London almost two months ago.

We even sat down on the wet pavement to take this shoots! I hope you appreciate the effort ;)[/en]
I was wearing:

  • Fur jacket by H&M
  • Fringed body by Topshop
  • High waisted pants by Topshop
  • Black patent leather Dr Martens
  • Vintage Chanel sack

It’s really been an interesting holiday.
I will post soon the photos from the other half of the new year’s holiday, in Verbier