false eyelashes

- January 18, 2010 by Veronica Ferraro - 62 Comments


[en]False eyelashes were very common between the fourties and the sixties. Then, for a while, they were only used by lap dancers and drag queens. Nowadays, instead, pop stars and celebrities won’t be seen without a pair of them!

I found this pretty girl called Ambra while browsing my facebook buddies. She has lots of amazing false eyelashes and she often wears them as a completion of her looks! Moreover, all of her outfits are very nice and original!
False eyelashes so can be used as a pale extension of our natural lashes or, as we can see in these pictures, as a way to make our looks much more peculiar!

In my opinion, Shu Uemura is absolutely the best brand of false eyelashes. It has “a collection of lashes that momentarily transform your eyes to stimulate your creativity and dramatize your look”. You can see them all on Shu Uemura’s site.

So, what is your opinion about false eyelashes? Have you ever tried them? I wore them for the first time today, for a b&w photo shoot that you’ll see tomorrow on my blog and they looked very nice indeed!!!!

I want to thank Ambra for letting me publish her photos on my blog and to also thank Demetra, the founder of Pigchic for publishing an interview about me here![/en]