I eat fashion for breakfast

- January 17, 2010 by Veronica Ferraro - No Comments


[en]Since I was a child, i’ve been addicted to fashion. I used to organize little fashion shows with my friends stealing dresses from my mom’s wardrobe!

Fashion is part of our life and we use it to express ourselves. People, through our clothes, could understand a little part of us before we say a word.
I’m very happy about this photo shoot, I think this is one of my best ever. It expresses myself. There I am. There’s my vision of fashion: a mix of energy, aggressiveness and determination.

I wanna thank again my boyfriend, you can’t imagine how lovely he is. He always helps me to realize my ideas with love and patience. And he doesn’t do things just to do them. He always wants to improve himself and to get better. Thank you, my love.[/en]
I was wearing:

  • Gloria-V bodysuit by American Apparel
  • Sequin shorts by H&M
  • Chanel inspired blazer by Zara