Lustrum by NuMe – my review


It was a while that I wanted to tell you about my new discovery, and finally here I am! A few days ago I received at home Lustrum by Nume, a curling iron with a set of five interchangeable heat barrels.

Some of you may have already heard of NuMe while for others it can be a news. NuMe is a brand that for more than ten years has had the privilege of working closely with the most talented and knowledgeable stylists in the hair ndustry and that create a variety of products for hairstyling.

Among all the products I chose what seemed to be the best for me and my needs: Lustrum. It is perfect for girls that use to travel a lot like me because it allows you to have in a single carrying case 5 different types of heat barrels and in consequence five different types of hairstyling (It feels like I have a Hair Team with me all the time!!)

When I received the box it was so small that it seemed impossible that inside there was all that stuff, such a clever package!


As soon as I turned it on I noticed how quickly it heated up. To begin using it I wore the glove in the package that is very useful because it isolates the hand from the heat of the iron (how many times it happened to me in the past to burn!).


As the first heat barrel I chose the more special one because I was curious about the effect. Among all is the one that makes the curls more defined and thick. I love the result!



If you want a “softer” wave effect I recommend you use the other cones, depending on the amplitude of the cylinder and the amount of hair that you take the waves will be more or less defined. In the last photo you can see the difference of the waves, those on the left are made with a smaller heat barrel.


Here are some quick tips about how to use a waver iron:

-First, decide if you want to have waves only on end or the entire head of and if you want a more or less moved (so then the amplitude of the cylinder to be used).
Divide the hair into sections-not too big, otherwise you risk that the heat is dissipated
-Take the portion of hair and roll on the iron, wait 2-5 seconds and let it slip away
-If you are not satisfied with the result, repeat, but first let the hair cool down otherwise you risk damaging
-Use a fixative for long-lasting results

In summary I can say to be very satisfied with the result. I must say that I never notice my hair drying out after using this wand, It always feels shinier and healthier after using this wand because the barrels are made with Tourmaline that emits negative ions into hair and balances out the moisture in the hair.

Schermata 2014-07-13 alle 13.34.33

And now some good news for you! If you’re interested in buying the NuMe products, here are some discount codes for you!!!

$99 for Lustrum (offer good for all NuMe Sets excluding Octowand)

50% Off NuMe + Free USA Shipping

Have a nice day!

P.s. thank you to my friends for Grant hairdresser for letting me use the location, it’s so hard to take good pics in my bathroom!

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  • Reply Noemi 19/01/2015 at 17:29

    Ciao, Veronica!

    Una domanda: Come hai fatto a ricevere il NuMe Lustrum set a casa? Perché ho visto sul loro sito e non fanno spedizioni in Italia… Come si può ordinare??? :D



  • Reply Ariannie Joyce Baniga 30/03/2015 at 08:16

    Hi I want to purchase the set, where to write the code? Many thanks!

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