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[en]How to recognize a shoeaholic? She puts shoes in the fridge instead of food. She drinks from shoes and she eats shoes.

Hi! Today i wanted to show you some photos exposing my biggest addiction: shoes. I was joking with my boyfriend about how much i love them, and we came up with this idea. I hope you like them!

As I wrote on facebook, I really need an advice: I had extension for about one year and i loved them so bad, long hair are amazing in my opinion! Then I removed them just to let my hair relax a bit. Now i am struggling: extensions again or natural hair?
Look at these pictures and, please, give me your advices: with extension or without them
Thank you guys!!![/en]
I was wearing:

  • T-shirt by Zara man
  • Belt by Pull and bear
  • Jeans by Brandy
  • Home boots by Oysho