studs, I still heart you!

- January 11, 2010 by Veronica Ferraro - 30 Comments


[en]Here is a quick list of studded fashion items i love. When it comes to studs everyone thinks Christian Louboutin who, with his fetish and/or aggressive shoes, broke into every fashion victim’s heart. Click on “read the rest of this post” for more photos and details!

These two shoes were created for Rodarte, the second one being wear by Victoria Beckham and costing just 1800 euros!

These flats are a classic item by Louboutin and are a real dream!

Jeffrey Campbell managed to put both studs and fringes on these fantastic boots. If you know where I can find them here in Milan, let me know! :)

Not quite the studs we’re used to, but these ankle boots by McQueen are simply gorgeous (and are in my wish list too!)

Last, but not least, moving away from shoes how can’t i mention this huuuuge studs leather jacket worn by Mary Kate in Paris?

It’s been more than two years since studs begin to literally invade the fashion market, and we’ve seen every possible use and style of them. Perhaps it’s time to move on to something new with these coming spring collections, but I still love them and hope that they never fade away!

What do you think? Which designer managed to use them in the most peculiar way?[/en]