the way back

- January 12, 2010 by Veronica Ferraro - 50 Comments


[en]These pictures were taken on the way back to Milan. It was very cold (about 10 degrees below zero) but I couldn’t resist from playing in the snow just like a kid! Click on “read the rest of this post” for more photos and details!

In the previous photo I was standing near my boyfriend’s car, i’m still wondering if he loves me more than he loves it ;)

Every day we spent in Verbier, was a day covered in snow and even if I still love summer more than winter, nothing is so romantic as a crystal white blanket covering every side of the landscape.

It was very difficult leaving this wonderful place… but I had to move on and now I’m a bit stressed. It’s never easy to come back to workaday![/en]
I was wearing:

  • Fur waistcoat by H&M
  • Boots by Moon Boot – Tecnica
  • Leather jacket by Alcott
  • Wollen dress by H&M
  • Leggings by American Apparel

I’m sorry that the last outfits were very similar, but snow reduced my choices :)

A sincere thanks to all my followers. I love you