the world was a mess but our hair was perfect

- February 13, 2010 by Veronica Ferraro - 59 Comments


[en]Hi guys! I had so much to do these days I didn’t find the time to write here. I was quite busy with my exams, the last one being two days ago, but they all went well! In fact, better than I’ve ever expected ;) Now I’m relaxing a bit, preparing everything to leave for california on monday.. I just can’t wait to be there!

As you can see in these shots, i have put in hair extensions again. I like myself so much more with long hairs, and I hope you like the change of look too!!

I took these pictures yesterday with my friend Mattia. He just created a blog for himself, If you don’t mind you could pay him a visit! I finally also got my new boots from UK, i’ve been waiting them too long, but they are awesome!

This last photo is my favourite: it’s very cinematographic and I like how the smoke coming out of his mouth appears in black and white! Have a nice day everyone, you’ll hear from me very soon![/en]
I was wearing:

  • Chanel inspired jacket by Zara
  • Leggins by American Apparel
  • Sweatshirt by Zara
  • Over the knee boots by Topshop
  • Sack by Chanel